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S1 Reviews is a service I provide to any music artists that is looking for genuine and authentic criticism.

I review from 3 different criteria:

  • Lyrics:

    • I listen to how the body of lyrics and words sound 

    • I listen to how fluid is the whole message of the song

  • Instrumental:

    • I listen at how well does the track fit with the artists​

  • The Complete Song:

    • I ​listen to the song multiple times to get a comprehensive feel for the track 

With these reviews, you, the artists are:

  • Able to get your music played on 103.7 on my radio show, "Tip Top Tuesdays" on Tuesday nights from 7-8pm CST

  • Get Listed on my monthly Spotify Playlists

  • Have the opportunity to build with me on working on future music projects

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